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What Is JuicEchain?

JuicEchain is a cloud based blockchain SaaS solution. It enables users to create and control wallets, issue, digital assets and non-fungible assets (NFA's). The management of digital assets is already an essential part of new business models and is closely connected to their success.

As a cloud service, JuicEchain represents the easiest possible way to access blockchain technology without the need to worry about any technical/infrastructure (node-network) requirements.



Use Cases

Interactive and Secure Ticketing Solution

Extend your ticket sales and tracking capabilities with blockchain technology. Purchased tickets are available via a blockchain wallet application on the customers phone.

Full Control in Pay-per-Use Scenarios

Reach another level in pay-per-use business through distribution, tracking and monitoring.

Enhance Safety at Work through Certified Qualifications

Trust and verify third-party certifications and issue your own certifications.

Sell tickets / vouchers online via e-commerce
Digitally distribute coupons & vouchers to your customers
Issue qualification certificates
Purchased tickets are transferred directly to custmers-wallets
Customers collect them in their wallet
Employees carry their authorization in their wallet
Customers can transfer/share to other wallet owners
Customers can transfer/share to other wallet owners
Employees can use their authorization to access equipment
Track users activities in the marketplace
Offer (transfer) coupons for goods and services
Verify employee or service provider certification
Distribute additional assets as targeted marketing
Distribute additional assets as targeted marketing
Announce and distribute new certifications
Focus on your core business!
Focus on your core business!
Focus on your core business!

Why Blockchain?

From the beginning, blockchain was, and still is, closely connected to financial purposes due to its security and transparency, but the potentials of the technology are much greater.

Let's say a bus company orders a custom-built system to manage and sell their bus-tickets. This system is closed from any outside access, mainly because of privacy and security concerns and regulations. This closed system is inconvenient for customers since they need to adjust to the differences in each of the various services that they use. Blockchain technology offers a completely new and streamlined approach. All these individual systems can be merged while still retaining their individual privacy for the customer and simultaneously offering even greater security.

City of Rijeka

Our implementation in the city of Rijeka, Croatia, offers exactly this functionality. With just one application, end users can manage tickets for a bus ride, coupons for a drink, and vouchers for the next beach party. The different service providers do not have any contractual obligations between each other. This is a huge improvement in convenience for all residents as well as any tourists visiting Rijeka. Of equal importance is the ease of entry into digitalization for local businesses in order for them to BE READY FOR THE NEXT CENTURY. In doing so, Rijeka has put itself on the map, and in first place in terms of smart city innovations.

Easy Integration

For quick integration into your own project, we offer open-source SDKs for most common languages.

Issue a Digital Asset

Digital asset is a unique digital representation of tickets, vouchers, coupons, contracts or identities in the JuicEchain network. Users can issue digital assets in any amount they need with all necessary parameters and transfer them an unlimited number of times.

Every digital Asset has these properties:

  • Name - a unique name within the entire network (every single digital Asset is defined with specific name)
  • Amount - total issued amount
  • Title - the name of digital asset as displayed in all apps using JuicEchain
  • Description - a brief description
  • Inception date - from which a digital asset is valid
  • Expiration date - when a digital asset is no longer valid
  • Media - image or video representing digital asset
  • Options - allow transfer, return to owner, etc.

1. Install the npm package

$ npm install juicechain --save

2. Isser your first Digital Assset

import {JuicEchain, Asset} from "JuicEchain";

// connect to node
const demo = JuicEchain.getNode("demo", "username", "key");

// issue asset
const asset = await demo.issue("demo:party:ticket",
           "Bob's Beack Party,AssetType.ADMISSION, 1000,
           "address", "Bob's Party Association");

String assetName = "demo:myasset";
String title = "My First Asset";
int amount = 100;
AssetType type = AssetType.admission;
String publisher = "BackToTheFuture GmbH";

asset = demo.issue(assetName, title, type, amount,
                    wallet.address, publisher);

$asset' = $demo->issue(
    "My Test Asset",
    "BackToTheFuture GmbH"

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