Node Network

JuicEchain is a blockchain technology built on a node network where all nodes communicate and validate data. All nodes are synced together to form one unique network. The more nodes a blockchain network has, the more secure it is. Nodes work as a peer-to-peer network, in which every peer (node) has its own responsibility to validate every block. For one block to be valid, all nodes must confirm all data that needs to be written in the blockchain and agree on a unique chain of data. Therefore, more nodes provides greater security. A peer-to peer network of nodes is simple to use and anyone can join. In JuicEchain every node has its own database on top of it. It stores more data and is used for greater efficiency by enabling users to take advantage of various types of content and media for their assets. Every node in the network runs its own application with its own data. Databases cannot communicate with each other, so users are protected from data theft. Every node is hosted by a different provider to increase security and the number of nodes does not affect the speed of the JuicEchain network.

JuicEchain is based on the Multichain blockchain implementation.

Some Nodes are hosted with AWS Cloud Services.

To benefit from a dynamic hosting concept, and additional features like off-chain analyses, the JuicEcommerce Node is hosted on the SAP Cloud Platform.