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0,50 €

Unique asset with unique properties

Per issue and only once

No transaction fees


0,25 €

Multiple assets for the same purpose

Single issue process

No transaction fees


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Offer your customers a branded wallet experience, fully under your control. You can issue assets with your leading prefix and monitor transfers and owners of your assets.

Pricing FAQs

After sign-up, you will receive API access to the Node and Wallet API (depending on the plan).

After cancellation, we will disable your API access. You remain responsible for your issued assets or wallets. You can choose to disable them all, which will stop transfer or usage for all active users on the chain.
Yes of course, you can always access our demo-node, which is a separate blockchain not connected to production, and run tests there.
The node owners/providers will decide on each specific case. If misconduct is recognized, the account will be closed and all assets and wallets disabled.