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Transactions are free, node owners in JuicEchain charge you for issuing an asset. See pricing details

With the JuicEwallet SDK you are free to build your own wallet implementation.
JuicEchain allows you fast and easy entry into digitalization and the application of blockchain technology in your business processes. Digitalizing your business assets increases security and trust in the processes for yourself and for your customers.
After an asset has been issued and transferred to your customers, you can still change the contents and media of the asset. However, the asset will forever be in the chain and can be transferred from one owner to another. There is an option to disable assets, which will make them invisible, and owners will not be able to transfer them anymore. Assets cannot be deleted.
Digital assets are the digital representation of your business products or services. For a more detailed understanding see our Documentation section.
If you issue assets, you can sell, trade, or buy them fully according to your business processes. There are no charges from the network applied to sales or purchases.
To fetch the latest balance of your wallet, an internet connection is required. However, you can generate authentications with prolonged timestamps, which can therefore be verified for a longer period of time. Always be aware that those authentications represent an older version of the chain.
JuicEchain is based on Proof of Authority (PoA).
Since blockchain networks are highly dependent on their implemented security factors, they cannot be scaled like typical applications. The blocktime of JuicEchain is 10 seconds, which allows a lot of operations to pass into every mined block.
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